Trust Teams

Our trust teams are broken up into three areas. Trust Governance, Supporting Services & School Improvement Teams.

  • Our Governance provides oversight for the trust, reviews spending proposals, approves policies and assures that every aspect of our member schools are moving towards fulfilling our vision.
  • Our Supporting Services are the people behind many of mechanisms that help the trust function. From financing to infrastructure, health and safety to human resources, these are the people that really make our trust tick.
  • School Improvement Teams are the individuals in each school that are determined to help us realise our vision for every student. These senior leaders help to provide important initiatives throughout our schools including such things as pastoral support, staff development and mental health awareness.
You can find out more about each individual team and its members below.

Trust Governance

Governance is led by the Board of Trustees and overseen by Members.  The Board of Trustees, led by Dr John W. Brown, has two subcommittees – Finance & General Purposes and Curriculum, Standards & Pupil Welfare.  Below this over arching governance, each member school has its own Local Academy Council to further represent the interests of the local community.  For more information on our structure, interests and delegations, please see the ‘Further Information’ tab below the structure diagram.

For all governance enquires please contact Sara Buczak (Trust Governance Manager)

• Articles of Association 

• Memorandum of Association

• Scheme of Delegation Including Terms of Reference

• Register of Business & Personal Interests – Autumn Term 2023

• Register of Business & Personal Interests – Spring Term 2024

• Register of Business & Personal Interests – Summer Term 2024

• Three Year MAT Strategic Plan


TitleFirst NameLast NameAppointment
Dr.John WBrown24/09/14

Board of Trustees

TitleFirst NameLast NameAppointmentTerm ExpiresAppointed By
Dr.John WBrown25/09/2224/09/26Members
TitleFirst NameLast NameAppointmentTerm ExpiresAppointed By
MrsJoanneMaw01/09/21N/AEx Officio
Mrs.VasilikiKontou Watson15/11/2214/11/25Parents
Mrs.DawnBlack01/12/2001/12/23(Term Ended)Trustees
Ms.LisaFoot01/12/2001/12/23 (Term Ended)Trustees
Mr.MichaelCharlton30/03/2231/12/23 (Resigned)Trustees
TitleFirst NameLast NameAppointmentTerm ExpiresAppointed By
Mrs.JillDodd01/09/21N/AEx Officio
Mrs.MichelleCallan Buck26/01/2226/01/25Trustees

Supporting Services

At the Aspire North East Trust we very much see ourselves as a family. We therefore help each other out by sharing expertise, ideas and resources to help our member schools flourish. Behind this army of teaching talent lies a ‘back office’ support network who quickly deploy professional support services to the schools who join our family.


Leading our MAT vision and supporting the leadership of our member schools to achieve a consistent approach to learning and achievement throughout the communities we serve.

Joanne Maw
Chief Executive Officer


Supporting schools with day to day financial processes and procedures as well as providing strategic finance planning, budget setting, business continuity and a payroll service.

Anthony Hall
Chief Financial Officer


Supporting new schools with IT infrastructure development and providing ongoing strategic IT advice and a high quality support desk service to all school within the trust.

Tom Malone
Director of Technology

Marketing & Comms

Providing a full service of communications and marketing support  including media handling, reputation management and a professional graphic design service.

Peter Davison
Manager of Marketing & Communications

Human Resources

Coordinating Trust recruitment, HR processes, staff well-being, training, and workforce planning. Providing professional support and guidance to Trust Leadership.

Sam Ferry
Head of HR & PA to CEO

Data Management

Delivering a comprehensive and analytical understanding of the data collected via various systems throughout our Trust, including school reports, student options and grading.

Kendra Rogers
Data Manager

Governance Management

Lead Governance professional, overseeing creation and review of Trust policies, performance management, GDPR &  complaints.  Responsible for providing a professional clerking service to the Members, Trustees and Local Academy Councils, 

Sara Buczak
Trust Governance Manager

Careers & Guidance

Providing professional careers guidance for students throughout our Trust, including sourcing potential work placements, apprenticeship opportunities and HE ambitions.

Julia Robinson
Trust Director of Progression

School Improvement Teams

School improvement systems are managed by arrangement with the relevant Trust Teams spread across our member schools.



Joanne Maw


Southmoor Academy

Jill Dodd


Sandhill View Academy

Quality of Education

Sammy Wright

Deputy Headteacher, 

Southmoor Academy

James Castling

Deputy Headteacher 

Sandhill View Academy


Nicola Harris

Acting Deputy Headteacher, 

Southmoor Academy

Allison Johnson

Deputy Headteacher, 

Sandhill View Academy

Staff Development

Vicky Doherty

Director of Staff Deveploment 

Southmoor Academy

Louise Southwick

Assistant Headteacher

Sandhill View Academy

Personal Development

Simon Wareham

Assistant Headteacher

Southmoor Academy

Anthony Blake

Assistant Headteacher 

Sandhill View Academy


Olivia McCourt

Assistant Headteacher, 

Southmoor Academy

Ashleigh Summerside

Assistant Headteacher, 

Sandhill View Academy

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